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Open Mid March Through July

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For fifteen years I was an organic farmer in Boulder County growing produce and cut flowers for over a dozen farmer’s  markets state-wide, Wild Oats, Whole Foods, King Soopers, dozens of restaurants in the metro area, as well as the Denver Botanic Gardens.  In 2002, I lost my entire farm to the drought.  Since then, I have transformed all of my knowledge and experience of farming and growing into what is now known as Yatahai Gardens.

This extensive amount of knowledge and experience has made Yatahai Gardens a very unique garden center in many ways.  Most commercially grown plants are produced with two things in mind.  First, they must be able to be shipped via conventional shipping methods using pallets and forklifts.  Second, they must be produced inexpensively enough to allow for a standard retail mark-up.  Unfortunately, these two factors combined work against both quality and affordability.  We have completely done away with both of these factors, allowing us to decrease prices and increase quality.

Also in our favor of increasing the quality of our products is the fact that for fifteen years all of my greenhouse growing was geared towards producing plants that I would transplant into my own fields.  This is VERY different from conventional commercial production techniques.  I will briefly explain.  Most large scale producers of plants are primarily concerned with the speed of production.  This directly effects the quality of the plants and the industry has conveniently coined the term “transplant shock” in order to convince the consumer that poor plant quality is a natural phenomenon resulting from the transplant process.  In reality, the plant is in shock from leaving an extremely artificial environment, causing the plant to struggle in an attempt to grow outside of the greenhouse, putting even an experienced grower at a disadvantage.


386 Species, 100,000 Plants, Just One Man

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3 Greenhouses


20 Years of Experience


386 Species


100,000 Plants


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Yatahai Gardens

6870 Nelson Road

Longmont, Colorado


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Having grown plants intended for my own commercial production on my farm, my style of growing is very different.  I wanted to produce the toughest plants possible so they would be able to make the transition from the greenhouse to the field as smoothly as possible.  I have been growing my plants at Yatahai Gardens in the same manner and the customers can all tell the difference.  Given the inherent restrictions of most commercial operations who need to grow things fast, ship them, and leave room for a retail mark-up, Yatahai Gardens is in a very unique position not only in Boulder County, but in the national bedding plant industry as well. 

We hope you can make it out to see us!


We are conveniently located on Nelson Road, west of Longmont, and five miles east of Highway 36 between Boulder and Lyons. 

We hope to see you this spring!